Many new sports fans look at the ice hockey, that can not see the ball, can not find the ball. Although this is not the correct way to see the ice hockey, but the ball really hindered the spread of ice hockey in the media. However, since the 2003 NHL began to use high-definition television broadcast, more and more fans have been attracted to the front of the TV. Because HD technology makes ice hockey easier to see and easier to find. With the development of science and technology, technological progress Brooks Laich Jersey, the network of high-definition live so that ice hockey this ball game viewing effect is getting better and better Troy Brouwer Jersey. The offseason Black Hawk completely denied the last season's gambling, the deal to the Rad, Weiss and others were sent to, in order to further free up the salary space, also sent out the offensive group two more critical members of Terava Ning, Sean, to a certain extent weakened the team attack firepower, which also became placed in front of the coach Quinnville Dale Hunter Jersey, the preseason Quinnville will try different combinations in order to find the best way to solve the two The impact of leaving. Last year, the spring of free identity from the Russian league to join the supernova Panalin will be given more responsibilities, the first season to shine 30 goals and 47 assists to win the 77 points of the gains The league's best rookie title Capitals Jerseys, which is the black eagle dare to let go of the first two reasons. It is expected that Panalin will be raised first group, partner small tyrants Taifu Si, the old artillery Huo Haa constitute a new attack on the black hawks, guy talented and brave, destined to make the Black Hawk attack more active.